The office of the Director-General consists of four units:
  • Reforms
  • Legal
  • Press and Public Relations
  • Audit

The Reforms unit is headed by a Deputy Director and is structured into 4 branches namely:
  • Service delivery
  • Anti-corruption
  • Gender
  • Distress Call Centre
Functions of the Reform Unit Include:
  • To coordinate all reform programmes within the scheme with a view to adapting to changes and overcoming challenges.
  • To ensure improved service delivery through monitoring of Departments and States Secretariats
  • To ensure strict compliance of reforms initiatives through enlightment of staff on best ways of actualizing reform initiatives.
  • Coordinates meetings of stakeholders’ consultative forum on service delivery and other activities of the Scheme to ensure results and reform compliance.
  • To ensure bridging of communication gap between management and its client and customers, through various compliant mechanisms such Distress Call Center, Servicom Customer Relations Activities Register (S.C.R.A.R)
  • To periodically publish summary of complaints, commendations and compliment from NYSC clients and give appropriate report to Management.
  • To monitor activities of schedule officers of Anti-Corruption, Gender, Service Delivery in the States
  • To coordinate and mentor the different Youth Corps Groups handling volunteer services at the grass roots such as Service Delivery Vanguard, National anti-corruption Volunteer Corps.
  • To implement national Gender Policy in the Scheme
  • To liaise with relevant bodies on Gender issues and advice Management accordingly
  • Attend National and international Conferences and Seminars
  • Investigation of petitions and complaints and render report to Management
  • Implement Anti-Corruption agenda as it relates to Anti-Corruption Operational guidelines.
  • To report to the Director-General and also carryout other duties as may be assigned

The legal unit is headed by a Deputy Director and performs the following functions:
  • Gives legal advice to NYSC Management on any matter that bothers on the operations of the NYSC
  • Represents the NYSC in all litigations involving the NYSC
  • Formalizes all contracts involving the NYSC
  • Drafts MOU for any partnership the NYSC wants to go into
  • Represents the NYSC on the Board of the Legal Aid Council
  • Serves as the secretariat of the NYSC National Governing Board

The Internal Audit unit is headed by a Deputy Director and charged with the responsibility to conduct a detailed audit of the Accounts and records of the Scheme as well as Examination of the systems and procedures in place. The overall goal of the Internal Audit is to assist Management in effective analysis of results and make recommendations on the activities so reviewed.
Functions of the Audit Unit:
  • Pre-payment Audit of all vouchers at the NDHQ
  • Monthly post-audit of the NDHQ books and records.
  • Quarterly post-Audit of State Secretariats, NYSC Ventures and NDHQ Books and Records.
  • On the spot Assessment during Orientation exercise
  • Half-yearly Stock-Taking at the NYSC Central Stores.
  • Annual Closure of Books of Accounts and Records of NDHQ, State Secretariats and Ventures.
  • Closure of NDHQ Central Stores/End –of- Year stock -taking

The unit is presently headed by a Deputy Director and it performs the following functions:
  • Collating, Processing and disseminating information that project the activities of the NYSC to the mass media and other publics
  • Maintains Information data bank for storage and retrieval of information for purposes of research, historical records etc
  • Maintains effective and adequate media relations
  • Handles the advertising aspects of the scheme’s programmes and activities not covered by media relations
  • Takes charge of corporate image management for the organization through a mix of public relations strategies
  • Ensures scientific feedback systems through deliberate information evaluation to constantly gauge the Scheme’s public perception
  • Services NYSC conferences, seminars, workshops and other function
  • Maintains and updates the Protocol lists of private and public offices and functionaries
  • Takes care of the Scheme’s event planning and Management
  • Accords photographic and video coverage to all NYSC events and ensure proper documentation of all official events and activities in visuals, video and photo albums.
  • Handles and maintains all NYSC communication gadgets
  • Making passages for Director- General, Directors and guest of the Scheme
  • It is the editorial engine for all the Schemes publications
  • It coordinates the publications emanating from the 36 field offices including the FCT
  • Compiles, processes, plans and publishes a monthly standard Newspaper, a standard Quarterly Magazine
  • Compiles and publishes a periodic enlightenment documents on security tips for Corps members
  • Acquires other publications as books, magazines, newspaper and other materials considered relevant to the Scheme

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