Information and Communication Techonology Department
The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Department is a full fledge Department saddled with the responsibilities of providing Information Technology services to the Scheme. It is a pivotal point in which the scheme revolves

The Department's Vision and Mission Statements are as follows:
    • To transform the NYSC into modern technology-driven organisation.
    • To bring about exponential increase in productivity and efficiency to all facets of operations of the NYSC through innovative technology tools.
The Department is headed by a Director, and has the following Divisions and Branches
  • Divisions headed by Deputy Directors :The following are Divisions headed by Deputy Directors:
    • Hardware/Software Development (HSD)
    • Data Management Services (DMS)
  • Branches headed by Assistant Directors:- The following are Branches headed by Assistant Directors:
    • Hardware Development Support
    • Software Development Support
    • Application Support
    • Data Control
FUNCTIONS OF ICT DEPARTMENT The functions of the Department include among others:
  • Enforces standards and procedures pertaining to the administration
  • Champions the use of ICT in the Scheme, with a view to providing better services in management of Software systems in the Scheme in respect of software and coordination.
  • Participates in the training of staff in the use of infrastructure systems and the upgrading of technical staff and technicians at all levels
  • Sets direction and plans for the ICT infrastructure of the Scheme
  • Undertakes forward planning and feasibility studies pertaining to the development and implementation of software solutions.
  •  Focuses on the development, implementation and maintenance of software applications that affect the needs of different Departments in the Scheme and the Corps Members in general
  • Develops appropriate networks between various Departments and different spatially spread out administrative hierarchies through well designed database management system.
  • Maintains a robust Virtual Private Network (VPN) linking all the Scheme’s formations using internet cloud. This will improve data communication, enhanced messaging system as well as provide Voice over Internet (VOIP).
  • Processes corps data and assists in the deployment of corps members to all states. .
  • Prints call-up letters for prospective corps members who do not pay online.
  • Maintains corps database and other enduring records of the Scheme
  • Co-ordinates NYSC Online Integrated system.
  • Trains all NYSC staff nationwide on basic ICT skills. The dept is working in collaboration with the HRM Department to carry out the training
  • Migrates all NDHQ Departments activities to NYSC Online Integrated platform.
  • Audits all NDHQ computer systems for routine maintenance
  • Maintains and updates NYSC official website
  • Creates and Maintains NYSC social media. The existing ones are:
  • Develops, maintains and updates NYSC Mobile App: the NYSC Mobile Application is downloadable across Android, iOs, Windows and Blackberry 10 stores and can be accessed via:

COMPANIES PARTNERING WITH ICT DEPARTMENT The following are companies partnering with ICT Department:-:
  • SIDMACH Technologies Nig Ltd – Provision of NYSC integrated online solution under the Public Private Partnership (PPP) in collaboration with NYSC.
  • Joint Komputer Kompany (JKK) Ltd – Maintenance of hardware systems
  • Gulf Technologies Network Ltd – Internet service provider
  • Tinitop Technologies Ltd – Hosting of NYSC website. (

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