Corps Mobilisation Department
The Corps Mobilisation Department is headed by a Director.

The Department'S Vision and Mission Statements are as follows:
    • To maintain a dynamic and error-proof mobilisation process capable of achieving the objectives of the Scheme
    • To mobilise eligible graduates of Nigerian origin for national service in a credible, efficient and transparent manner at all times.
The Corps Mobilisation Department has Three Divisions, Four Branches and Nine Sections. The Divisions are:
  • Mobilisation
  • Deployment
  • Evaluation
The Roles played by Divisions under Mobilisation Department are as follows:
  • Mobilisation Division:-: This Division plays the following roles:-
    • Coordinating the mobilisation of eligible Nigerian graduates trained locally and abroad for national service
    • Collating and storage of Senate/Academic Board approved result lists from Corps Producing Institutions.
    • Vetting/screening of the uploaded data of the Prospective Corps Members (PCM).
    • Collation of the Signature Specimens from Corps Producing Institutions.
    • Preparation of pre and post-mobilisation workshops.
    • Preparation of the mobilisation time-table.
    • Drawing-up of schedule of briefing of final year students/prospective corps members at their respective institutions.
    • Processing cases of re-mobilised corps members.
    • Liaison with Corps Producing Institutions (CPIs).
    • Liaison with NUC, NBTE and JAMB
    • Liaison with professional bodies like Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN), Pharmacists Council of Nigeria (PCN), Radiographers Registration Board of Nigeria (RRBN), Medical Rehabilitation Therapist Registration Board of Nigeria, National Veterinary Council of Nigeria (NVCN), and Dental Technologists’ Council of Nigeria.
  • Deployment:- This Division plays the following roles:-
    • Deployment (i.e. posting) of prospective corps members to all the states of the federation (including the FCT) for national service.
    • Ensuring equitable distribution of graduates that are called-up for service to achieve national spread
    • Relocation (on-line) of corps members during and after the orientation course
    • Processing/coordination of concessional requests for posting on marital and health grounds.
    • Giving feedback on applications for relocation and cancellations of relocations from the State Secretariats.
    • On-line vetting of relocation/cancellation of application of corps members.
    • Scrutiny of corps members’ applications and documents for relocation.
    • Handles all revalidation of deployment cases.
  • Evaluation: – This Division plays the following roles:-
    • Liaison with regulatory and examination bodies like Federal Ministry of Education, WAEC, NECO and NABTEB to determine the eligibility of persons, results, institutions and courses for mobilisation, exemption or exclusion (evaluation matters)
    • Processing of documents of foreign-trained graduates for Exemption and Exclusion from Service.
    • On-line verification of documents of foreign-trained Nigerian graduates.
    • Physical verification of documents submitted by foreign-trained Nigerian graduates for the purpose of mobilisation during orientation.
    • Confirmation of accredited foreign corps producing institutions as well as liaison with foreign institutions for the purpose of authenticating certificates and transcripts.
    • Attend to enquiries and complaints from prospective corps members and other foreign-trained Nigerian graduates
The Department renders the following Services:
  • Drawing-up of Mobilisation Time-table:
    • The time-table is usually unveiled during the Pre-mobilisation workshop with Students’ Affairs Officers and the NYSC Management. The time-table serves as a guide in the implementation of the mobilisation exercise.
  • Pre-Mobilisation Workshop:
    • The Department conducts a Pre-Mobilisation Workshop to commence the mobilisation process of the service year. At the workshop, the Corps Producing Institutions (CPIs) and other stakeholders interface with the Management of the NYSC on the mobilisation policies, appraise the previous mobilisation exercise and proffer solutions on the way forward
  • Briefing of Corps Producing Institutions:
    • The Department conducts briefing for prospective corps members in their respective institutions during the first semester of their final year. This is aimed at passing relevant/requisite information on NYSC with a view to ensuring a hitch-free mobilisation exercise/service year
  • Submission/uploading of Senate/Academic Board Approved Results for full/part time graduates and revalidation lists by Corps Producing Institutions:
    • In line with the approved mobilisation time-table, Corps Producing Institutions are expected to submit/upload the Senate/Academic Board Approved results for their full-time/part-time graduates, including the revalidation lists to the Mobilisation Division of the Department for vetting/screening. This happens as part of the major activities of the mobilisation process.
  • Mobilisation of locally and foreign-trained Nigerian graduates:
    • After the uploading of all corrected submissions from the CPIs, all foreign and locally trained prospective corps members are expected to go to the NYSC portal and register on-line according to the time-table using their names, functional e-mail address, passwords and JAMB numbers for all those who studied a full-time programme in Nigeria. Following the self-deployment initiative, they have the opportunity to choose four (4) states from different geo-political zones out of the states available to them on the platform and they could be deployed to one of the four states by the computer. A successful registration process originates a call-up number and subsequently a Call-up letter which is printed on-line by the prospective corps members where the prospective corps member subscribed for such. Those who do not subscribe pick their call-up letters in their institutions. Complaints and challenges arising during the registration process are entertained by the Corps Mobilisation and ICT Department as well as NYSC State Secretariats using dedicated help lines.
  • Evaluation of credentials of foreign-trained graduates:
    • After the uploading of credentials by the foreign-trained graduates during registration, Evaluation Officers electronically check the documents and only those found okay are passed for issuance of call-up numbers. Subsequently, they are called-up and deployed to the various states where they report to the orientation camps. It is at the camps that physical verification of all documents uploaded by these group of prospective corps members is conducted by a team of experienced staff of the department.
  • Relocation of corps members
    • With the full computerisation of the operations of mobilisation, relocation exercise is done on-line. During the on-line registration exercise, the platform provides opportunities for married women and people with life-threatening ailments not only to indicate their status but also upload their evidence and get automatically posted to their spouses’ places of domicile or health facilities respectively. Nevertheless, corps members are given the opportunity to apply for relocation on marital or health grounds while in the orientation camps. Relocation is done electronically.
      After the camp relocation, all other relocations are carried out three (3) months after the orientation course. The corps members must apply on-line and the State Coordinators appropriately recommend on-line too before the relocations are effected. However, as a policy, all relocations stop six (6) months into the service year

The department partners with the following government and non-governmental organisations in the course of executing its mandate:
  • Corps Producing Institutions (CPIs)..
  • NUC, NBTE and JAMB
  • Federal Ministry of Education
  • Professional bodies like Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN), Pharmacists Council of Nigeria (PCN), Radiographers Registration Board of Nigeria (RRBN), Medical Rehabilitation Therapist Registration Board of Nigeria, National Veterinary Council of Nigeria (NVCN), and Dental Technologists’ Council of Nigeria.

OTHER RELEVANT INFORMATION: The posting policy: In line with the directive of the Federal Government, the NYSC post corps members to four key areas of national development. These include: Education, Agriculture, Rural Health and Infrastructure. Therefore, corps members are posted to the following areas for their primary assignment in the various states/FCT:
  • Hospitals – Health Sector
  • Road Construction – Infrastructure
  • Farming – Agriculture
  • Water Schemes – Agriculture, Infrastructure
  • Surveying and Mapping – Infrastructure
  • Social and Economic Services – any of the 4 key areas
  • Teaching – Education
  • Food Storage and Eradication of Pest – Agriculture
  • Rehabilitation of Destitute and Disabled – any of the 4 areas
  • Development of Sports – Education, Health,Infrastructure
  • Private Sector of Nigerian Economy – any of the 4 key areas

In case of any complaint or enquiry, you can contact the Department via the hotlines below:
  • 08037168138
  • 08069465275
  • 08034655026

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