Corps Welfare and Inspectorate Department
The corps Welfare and Inspectorate Department is headed by a Director.

The Department'S Vision and Mission Statements are as follows:
    • To ensure a highly motivated service Corps
    • To provide quality welfare service and motivate Corps Members for goal realisation
The Corps Welfare and Inspectorate has five Divisions:
  • Corps Inspectorate: The division is in charge of supervision of corps members, Corps locations and their security at the state, zonal and local government levels. It also covers the training for schedules officers and corps forum.
    This division is divided into two main branches:-
    • Corps Inspection – In charge all states/FCT Secretariats, zonal and local government offices.
    • Investigation – In charge of all matters relating to misconduct, misunderstanding between corps members and their employees and corps members and officials in a view of resolving the differences
  • Corps Merit and Discipline:- The division is in charge of all matters relating to the President’s NYSC Honours Award Ceremony and all disciplinary cases of corps members emanating from the state secretariat to determine strict adherence to established procedures as laid down in the bye-law.
    The division is made up of two branches:-
    • Merit – This branch is responsible for formulation of guidelines for nomination of candidates deserving of various NYSC Awards. It is also in charge of servicing of President’s NYSC Honours Award Selection Committee and planning and organising the President’s NYSC Honours Award ceremony.
    • Discipline – This branch is responsible for the supervision of the state/ FCT secretariats to ensure strict adherence to established corps disciplinary procedures and bye- law. Also reviews/ratifies recommendation of states corps disciplinary committee and makes appropriate recommendation to the management on the decision taken.
  • Corps Insurance – The Division is responsible for the processing and ensuring availability of funds for corps members who suffer permanent disabilities, and in the event of death, corps members next of kin is reached and paid the entitlements of the deceased corps member. Other functions includes:- To ascertain the true identities of the next of kin and ensure compliance of all related documents for processing. To liaise with the insurance company on the modalities of payment in line with prescribed guildlines.
  • Corps Welfare Division – The division is responsible for all matters relating to the overall welfare of corps members which includes allowances, leave (sick, maternity, absence) accident cases, benefits, permission to travel abroad, cases of theft, harassment etc.
    It operates two main branches:-
    • Corps Benefits- This branch ensures all benefits to corps member are giving to them.
    • Corps Welfare Services- This branch ensures all matters relating to corps welfare is adequately taken care of.
  • Corps Health Service – The division is responsible for all matters relating to health issues as it affect corps members. It basically prepares and processes corps members medical refund bills for payment. It liaises with the accounts department for payment.
  • INEC and other Matters – This is a unit responsible for all matters relating to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and the NYSC as signed in the MOU between the two Organisations. Collaboration with other Organisations also falls under its purview.
Services rendered include:
  • Liaison on with State Secretariat Nationwide.
  • Remobilization and review of remobilization of corps members
  • Processing of medical refund/medical related issues of corps members
  • Burial of corps members.
  • Processing of corps members group Life Insurance premium
  • Security and welfare of corps members
  • Inspection of corps members
  • Discipline of corps members
  • Draw up and implement the selection process of Presidents. NYSC Honours Award Ceremony
  • Enquiries to trace reason for dissatisfaction of services
  • Enquiries to trace whereabouts of corps members.
  • Collation of data of Ex- corps members.

The Department partners with the following organizations:-
  • Capital Insurance Company for payments of Corps Benefits
  • Federal Ministry of Youth Development
  • Security Agencies.
  • Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).
  • National Population Commission (NPC).
  • Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC).

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