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Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Department is a full fledge Department saddled with the responsibilities of providing Information Technology services to the Scheme. It is a pivotal point in which the scheme revolves.


The Department's Vision and Mission Statements are as follows:


  2. To transform the NYSC into modern technology-driven organisation.


  4. To bring about exponential increase in productivity and efficiency to all facets of operations of the NYSC through innovative technology tools.


The Department is headed by a Director, and has the following Divisions and Branches

  1. Divisions headed by Deputy Directors: The following are Divisions headed by Deputy Directors:

    • Hardware/Software Development (HSD)

    • Data Management Services (DMS)


  2. Branches headed by Assistant Directors: The following are Branches headed by Assistant Directors:

    • Hardware Development Support

    • Software Development Support

    • Application Support

    • Data Control

    • IT Project Management

    • Organisation Development Service

    • User Support and Services


The functions of the Department include among others:

  1. Enforces standards and procedures pertaining to the administration

  2. Champions the use of ICT in the Scheme, with a view to providing better services in management of Software systems in the Scheme in respect of software and coordination.

  3. Participates in the training of staff in the use of infrastructure systems and the upgrading of technical staff and technicians at all levels

  4. Sets direction and plans for the ICT infrastructure of the Scheme

  5. Undertakes forward planning and feasibility studies pertaining to the development and implementation of software solutions.

  6. Focuses on the development, implementation and maintenance of software applications that affect the needs of different Departments in the Scheme and the Corps Members in general

  7. Develops appropriate networks between various Departments and different spatially spread out administrative hierarchies through well designed database management system.

  8. Maintains a robust Virtual Private Network (VPN) linking all the Scheme’s formations using internet cloud. This will improve data communication, enhanced messaging system as well as provide Voice over Internet (VOIP).

  9. Processes corps data and assists in the deployment of corps members to all states.

  10. Prints call-up letters for prospective corps members who do not pay online.

  11. Maintains corps database and other enduring records of the Scheme

  12. Co-ordinates NYSC Online Integrated system.

  13. Trains all NYSC staff nationwide on basic ICT skills. The dept is working in collaboration with the HRM Department to carry out the training

  14. Migrates all NDHQ Departments activities to NYSC Online Integrated platform.

  15. Administration of NYSC Email Server (

  16. Audits all NDHQ computer systems for routine maintenance

  17. Maintains and updates NYSC official website

  18. Creates and Maintains NYSC social media. The existing ones are:
  19. WhatsApp Auto Response:
    Telegram Auto Response: "
    Telegram Channel:
    Whatsapp Channel:

  20. Develops, maintains and updates NYSC Mobile App: the NYSC Mobile Application is downloadable across Android, iOs, Windows and Blackberry 10 stores and can be accessed via:


The following are companies partnering with ICT Department:

  1. SIDMACH Technologies Nig Ltd – Provision of NYSC integrated online solution under the Public Private Partnership (PPP) in collaboration with NYSC.

  2. Joint Komputer Kompany (JKK) Ltd – Maintenance of hardware systems

  3. Gulf Technologies Network Ltd – Internet service provider

  4. Tinitop Technologies Ltd – Hosting of NYSC website. (