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Procurement Department

The Procurement Department is headed by a Director.


The Department Vision and Mission Statements are as follows:

  1. Capital Procurement Division

    Capital Procurement Branch

  2. Recurrent Procurement Division

    Recurrent procurement Branch


The Department plays the following roles:

  1. Preparation of annual plan for capital and recurrent expenditures

  2. Procurement Scheduling: Specifications of time-line for acquisition, delivery of goods and services during the fiscal year, or planned period

  3. Competitive Tendering: Operate a vibrant Tenders Board with responsible compliance with laid down procedures

  4. Price Intelligence: Ensuring that the quality and quaninty supplied conform with specified/accepted competitive pricing

  5. Monitoring and Compliance: ensuring that the quality and quantity supplied conforms to specified/accepted standards

  6. Stock Receipt/Documentation: receiving goods supplied at the central Stores or designated venues and recording same

  7. Stock Issuance: Release or distribution of goods from the Central Store or designated venues.

  8. Technical Standard, Bids and Audit: The Department is responsible technical expertise on what is required and is open for internal audit

  9. Disposal by sale, auction, trade-in, destruction and abandonment, disposable Assets of NYSC

  10. Database Management, Recording and Electronic documentation of transactions.